23 June 2011

Look What I Made With A Muse Spotlight Stamps & Paper!

I was trying to come up with something fun for my guests to create at my A Muse Studio kick-off event on Saturday (at my place - stamp camp style) using the June/July Spotlight stamps and paper.  And these two cards are what I came up with!

All (but the vanilla) paper is from the "Seaglass" specialty pack and the stamps are all from the "Life's a Breeze" stamp set.  

Twine is Divine Twine from The Baker's Confections (which, by the way, is AWESOME to work with - the shop, not the twine...although, the twine is awesome too)!


  1. I like both cards, but the "a warm hello" card really struck me with the creative way you stamped the background then the square. It looks like a piece of art you could hang on the wall!
    Also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, but I want to give credit where it belongs. The cute table with doily table cloth was from Moxie Fab's Tuesday Trigger. If only I could be that creative! lol http://www.moxiefabworld.com/2011/06/tuesday-trigger.html

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  3. I bought my doilies at JoAnn's. I went to the cake decorating department to find them. Being off for the summer and having a JoAnn's within walking distance, I have time to scavenge all the departments. lol


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