18 October 2011

My First Etsy Sale

Dear Friends and Family
I’m excited to announce my first SALE at Branch and Sky!  I’ve just posted a whole slew of Christmas cards on my Etsy shop to help you get ready for the holidays.  In an effort to encourage procrastination avoidance (ha - I’m the best of the best!), I’m offering the following:
Order your cards by October 24th - receive a 20% discount 
(use coupon code "christmas20")
Order by October 31st - receive a 15% discount
Order by November 6th - receive a 10% discount
Order by November 13th - receive a 5% discount
In ADDITION, I’m also offering volume discounts.  Card sets are not all priced the same, but exceptional savings are available for volume ordering - for instance:
A single card might be $4.75 per card (plus shipping).  
The volume discount could look something like this (PLUS, of course you save on shipping when all cards ship together):
$3.75 per card for 10 cards ($37.50)
$3.50 per card for 25 cards ($87.50)
$3.25 per card for 50 cards ($162.50)
So please take a look...the FIRST DEADLINE and most significant savings are to be had THIS WEEK (by the 24th).  
Thank you so much for all your support - and thanks for looking!

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