14 May 2014

Summer Fun 2014

Summer's almost here, and I can't wait to get out there with my kids and PLAY.  No schedule, no routine, no commitments!  I've compiled a list of things to do this summer with my family - I may do all of them, we may only do some, or maybe we'll scrap the list altogether (ha!)…that's the beauty of summer, right?  Hope you find a few ideas here - and if you have some of your own, please comment.  I'd love to hear them!
Summer Fun List

Play in the sprinklers
Go on a nature hike
Blow Bubbles
Camp overnight in your back yard
Play Tag
Mini golf 
Go to a splash pad park
Eat Watermelon & have a seed spitting contest
Have a water fight
Go on a picnic
Play frisbee
Ride bikes
Watch Fireworks
Go to the Lake
Visit a Farm
Go to a Drive-in Movie
Fly a Kite
Flashlight tag
Sack races
Car wash
Jump rope
Scavenger hunt
Go fishing
Collect bugs
create an obstacle course
“tightrope” walking with a two-by-four

feed the ducks
Use sidewalk chalk to leave messages for neighbors
Make cupcakes and share with friends
Go on mommy/daddy dates
Visit animal shelter
Random acts of kindness week (weed a yard, wash a car, leave a treat...) 
pen pals with a soldier
walk the dog
Progressive dinner with 2-3 other families

Milk carton boats
Build forts inside with blankets
Splatter painting
make up a play or skit
Make a popsicle stick craft
Use only recycled items to create a robot/animal
Make a scrapbook
Play with Playdoh
Make a commercial and record it
Make lemonade
Make sock puppets
Make collages of your favorite things
Homemade Popsicles
make tie-dyed shirts
Make banana splits

Make pancakes for dinner with mom
Do a science experiment
Go to a Museum (science, art, bureau of engraving)
REad a chapter book with mom & dad
Go to the library
Make smores
Swim lessons
Go bowling
Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s (free kid activities)
Food theme one night per week (Italian, Hawaiian, Korean…)
Fire station visit
Storytime (B&N or library)
Ride the subway

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  1. Phew! I'm exhausted reading this list. I notice you didn't put "go to the beach"...that's where we wish we could join you this summer! Legos are good for rainy days and so are picnics in the living room. We're adding Cub Scout camp to our summer events. Perhaps you could plant some flowers, too? Love and miss you!!


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