27 May 2011

I Got My Kit!!!

I'd been waiting, and waiting, and waiting...OK, so it wasn't really THAT long, but I was so excited to get it that it felt like a really long time.  I thought I'd share with you the contents.  I got the "deluxe" kit (as opposed to the basic - just a few more goodies that I thought I'd get some good use out of, so I went for it). Check it out:

Sixteen, yes, count them, 16 new, gorgeous colors to work with.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about using the pigment ink, since I've been using dye inks almost exclusively for so long.  I'll let you know how it goes, but so far, I'm thoroughly enjoying them.  I was worried they wouldn't dry quickly enough, but it hasn't been an issue at all.

The basic kit comes with an assortment of solid card stock, but one of the reasons I chose the deluxe kit was because it also came with the polka dot and gingham assortment.  I'm so excited to try them out!  It's hard to see the gingham here in this picture, but it's the light pink on the left.  Seven Copic markers (6 colors, one blender pen), glittery embossing power, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, stick-on bling in both rhinestones and pearls, plus the prettiest paper flowers to add to your cards! 

A Muse send a stamp cleaner and solution - love them.  And an adhesive runner as well as a little glue pen.  Apparently this can be used for embossing, adhering glitter, dust, etc...I used it today to glue on some tiny little paper pieces I'd done on my "mishap" card.  It worked like a charm!  Also, pictured here is one of each of the acrylic blocks available through A Muse.  I always thought the ones you can get in the craft stores or craft sections of super stores were just as good as any other you might find...I have to say, "Not so!"  These blocks are WONderful!  I've been using them this week and the thickness of them, the indented sides for gripping, and the weight of them are absolute perfection.  I've always leaned more toward wood mounted stamps because I wasn't a huge fan of the acrylic blocks, but I'm totally converted to these blocks!  Which leads me to my next discovery...

I should have taken a picture of the stamps themselves (I'll post a picture of the stamps themselves in the next day or so).  These are the sets you get with the deluxe kit - the four in back come with the basic kit.  It's a great assortment of stamps and I've been having a blast playing with them.  What I love about them though, is that they are still made of the red rubber that a typical wood mounted stamp is.  The image is just as crisp and clear, and there isn't any of the "wobbliness" that I've experienced with a lot of the clear mounted stamps.  In short, I LOVE THEM.  

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