14 May 2011

Just Do It

That's my motto this year...I'm tapping into my creativity, acting on my instincts, and starting something I've never done before.  For years, I've thought about what it might be like to open a boutique selling beautiful things, to learn photography well enough to make a living with it, to write and publish a story or poem, to  sell the things I create with my hands - art, literature, nature and music being my muses.  "How?" has always been my first stumbling block, with lack of time and motivation a close second and third.

Maybe it's the milestone birthday I had not too long ago, or the stay-at-home mom stir-craziness, or the lack of creative outlet I've had the past few years, or just the realization that those so-called stumbling blocks were really just excuses.  But I have come to the conclusion that it's time to change.  So, here I am: starting a card-making/crafting blog, opening a stamping business with A Muse Studio, and selling my card and craft creations on etsy.com.

I've always thought that my talent was somewhat average, that many people have the same or more talent than I do, so who would be interested in, let alone pay for, MY artwork?  But even if that's true, I think I've recognized that no one has exactly the same creative expression that I do and that there's merit in the uniqueness of my own creativity.  The innovation and individuality itself is of value.   So, the self-assuredness and  a-ha moments that come with age are at least a couple of things I can be thankful for as I get older (even if the number of candles on the cake isn't).

This new adventure will allow me to pierce my artistic recesses and draw on all of these passions: the stamping, creating, photography, and writing -  I'm excited to get started.  Join me.  Create with me.  Branch out.  You've always known the sky's the limit.


  1. Congratulations on living out your year's motto. I wish you much success in your new A Muse business. I'd love to check out your etsy store, do you have a link?

    Lovely card... I love the color combination!

  2. Oh! Thank you, Jeanette! Actually, I've been photographing all my cards, trying to get them in the right light...and haven't actually opened the store just yet.

    I hadn't publicized my blog yet (as in, none of my friends or family know about it so far), and I'm still waiting for my kit to arrive from A Muse Studio, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of A Muse representation (hehe!) before I opened.

    I will be posting a link to my esty shop here as soon as I do open. And I'll be sure to let you know too.


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