27 May 2011

Kitchen Mishaps

I thought I had it all down - tote my supplies out of my craft room and into the kitchen so that the boys can keep playing in the family room, I can keep an eye on them, and they aren't getting into every little nook and cranny of my stuff while I try to be creative.  It's worked pretty well this week, while I try to dig into my a|muse stamps and pump out some great Father's Day cards for my Etsy shop before it's too late to sell them there.

I'd been thinking, "Wow, I'm really close to a lot of different things here in the kitchen that could get all over my card stock, etc..." but I told myself how careful I am.  Plus, the counter I'm working on is just high enough that the boys really can't reach it.  Well, today, I had my very first stamping disaster...and it's all because I was located in the kitchen, at the counter, just beyond a sink full of dirty dish water.  I'd been looking for a little glue pen (one that I just had the pleasure of using for the very first time today - one of my a|muse products that is surprisingly helpful - more on that later!) I needed to complete my cards.  I had assembled all the pieces of my cards, but had not actually adhered the pieces to the card itself.  So, as I lifted one end of my paper cutter, down slipped the unfinished pieces (that I'd worked SO hard on and was SO excited about!) right into that sink full of nasty water.

Apparently, that would be one of the downsides, or hazards as it may seem, of working on your cards in the kitchen.  Sigh.  So sad...at least I got to blog about it.

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